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The country which is in Suffolk covers some 24 miles from Shadwell in the north to

Long Melford in the south, and about the same from Redgrave in the east to Denston


in  the west.

Adjoining Hunts: to the west the Thurlow; to the south west the East Essex; and to

The south east the Essex & Suffolk.




The hunt is of  very old establishment.  The Duke of Grafton  hunted a great part of the

country in about 1745.  On the resignation of Mr E Walter Greene, in 1883, the

country was divided, the Newmarket and Thurlow being formed and taking the district

west of Denston, part of the old Thurlow Hunt , which they have since retained.  In 1916

Captain Wilfred Bevan presented the pack to the country.  The hounds did not hunt


during the Second World War.


The Suffolk’s Hunt are out on Tuesdays and Saturday’s from  early Autumn until the end

of March each year.

The Suffolk Hunt is based at Gt Whelnetham and have hunted in that area since 1745,

over 260 years ago.